Diploma in Anatomical Pathology Technology

Type: Non-accredited
Level: 3
Guided Learning Hours: 
Credit value: 
Assessment: A Practical Assessment Record Book, written examination and an oral examination
This qualification is designed for experienced Anatomical Pathology Technicians (APTs) who usually work in a mortuary and, who have attained the RSPH Certificate in Anatomical Pathology Technology.
The Anatomical Pathology Technician plays a vital role in assisting the pathologist. They may also take charge of the mortuary and the post-mortem room and, may also be involved in teaching hygiene and safety to assistants in the mortuary.
Holders of this qualification will be able to: demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of human anatomy and physiology; apply appropriate techniques in post-mortem examinations; identify potential hazards to health and take measures to minimise or eliminate these risks in the mortuary; demonstrate knowledge of the laws and codes of practice relating to the mortuary and implement legal requirements in relation to the dead; and demonstrate appropriate administrative procedures and deal correctly with visitors to the post-mortem room.
The Diploma acknowledges the APTs ability to take charge of a mortuary and to instruct assistants in safe practices.
This programme can be delivered in a variety of ways by centres, from intensive short courses to longer part time options combined with on the job work experience. Candidates should already be working in a mortuary or have regular access to training within a mortuary. The assessment for the award of the Diploma is made up of three parts: A Practical Assessment Record Book (PARB) (an APT Trainee will normally require up to 1 -2 years training in order to complete the practical tasks), a written examination and an oral test, all of which test knowledge and understanding of the whole syllabus.