A typical week for me involves a lot of travelling along the A55 in North Wales. My usual commute to work is around 50 minutes each way, every day.

However, over the last few months travel for me has frequently been from one end of North Wales to the other supporting the ACE TIME training in the areas of Anglesey and Flintshire

Monday – Back to school

Monday began by opening the final Flintshire ACE TIME training session. The training to all of our Flintshire Police work force and partners has gone really well since we started in early December 2018.

It was refreshing to see such a large and positive group already talking about how their colleagues are putting the learning into practice. No time for a coffee as it was straight back on the road and travel to Angelsey for a meeting with partners to develop an Early Help Hub.

With a quick turnaround it was back on the road to Force HQ for the third meeting of the day with the National Programme Team to discuss North Wales Progress and performance. The day finished back in the office with a catch up on emails and general administration. 

Tuesday – Lots of travel

Tuesday was an early, yet positive start. First commute of the day was from Chester to Anglesey to open the ACE TIME training session. A small training group on this occasion but lots of positive vibes. It was then an opportunity to work from a local station in Anglesey and talk to staff about the training and embedding the learning in their day to day practice. 

Virtual meetings are what we have become accustomed to with the large geographical spread between meetings so it was time for a conference call with our programme consultant to discuss progress around some of his work streams.

The afternoon was spent with travel back to the other end of the force and admin back in the office.

Wednesday – Unusual, quiet day

With short notice cancellation of the National Team meeting in Cardiff it was an opportunity to catch up with work from home.

Always lots of performance monitoring to complete now that the ACE TIME training in our pathfinder areas is almost complete and we are now supporting the police workforce to embed the learning from the training day. Exciting to see some ‘green shoots’ so soon with staff taking on board the Early Help problem solving principles.

Thursday – Mixed bag

A 9am meeting in our next training area of Wrexham. This implementation group with partners is going well and the Early Help pathways are almost established in preparation for training delivery to the police workforce and partners in May 2019.

Not much time between meetings today and it was straight back on the road to Flint to meet with the local supervisor. There is great support from local supervision in the pathfinder area and this meeting was to look at developing the Early Action Together Boards in police station parade rooms – co-production!

Final meeting of the day was a station visit in Holywell. This gave me chance to talk to the local PCSO’s and SNT Sergeant about the programme and feedback from training. All was positive and again good examples of the training being embedded in practice.

Friday – Preparing for next Phase

Usual commute to Force HQ to start the day with a positive meeting with our Communications Lead. This was to discuss the support requirements for the Local Pathway training slides for our next Phase of Training in the areas of Wrexham and Conwy.

The work within the implementation groups in both of these areas has provided the delivery team with a wealth of Early Help pathways across organisations which will be transferred into our bespoke training slides to support the ACE Coordinators. 

My final meeting for the week was with the Operational Improvement Team to share progress updates and discuss the plans for the launch of a new Vulnerability Assessment Framework and Safeguarding Referral form which has been developed within our Niche platform.

It was positive to see that all of the work completed by the delivery team in the two pathfinder areas will pave the way for a smooth transition for staff to use the newly developed assessment and referral tools.