My week began with introducing the ACE TIME training programme in Flintshire, both the Policing lead and I, where possible, introduce the training to ensure Police Officers/staff and partner organisations staff are familiar with the overall programme and to ensure that implementation of the learning and support for this is addressed.  

We have found that this an important element in terms of learners understanding that the training is viewed as part of the wider programme, it also helps to initiate those relationships between Police staff present and partner organisation representatives.

Following this I travelled to Wrexham to meet with Key housing colleagues within the Local Authority to appraise them of the EATP programme, map out the housing provision available to inform the next tranche of training in Wrexham, starting in May and to offer training places and discuss working relationships.  

This was a really productive meeting with key leads both engaged and supportive. It was back to Colwyn Bay HQ then to meet with the national team for our monitoring meeting, to discuss progress.

Tuesday was spent primarily in Anglesey again introducing the Anglesey training session, I also spent time then in Llangefni Police station making ourselves available for support to officers in terms of implementing the ACE TIME learning and also took the opportunity to meet with the newly appointed Early help decision maker that we have secured to work in Central Referral Unit (CRU).  

The Policing lead and I worked through case studies to date and are excited to see both improved quality of CID16s and increasing early help referrals and problem solving entries. Mid-week I presented to the Local Implementation Group in Conwy and Denbighshire this is a mental health and wellbeing forum with broad membership.  

Due to the interfaces with the EAT programme this was a useful opportunity in engaging with both service user/ Carer representatives and a wide range of professionals. I then travelled to one of the pathfinder area Local authorities and met with the Chief Officer of the CVC to discuss further our plans for a social navigation model within a policing context.

The hope is that we can build on the wealth of work already in place across the region to support effective use of community assets, building resilience from a Policing context, and this feels like a very exciting opportunity. The latter part of the week has involved a meeting with the Perinatal Mental Health Team to engage with them on the programme and share good practice from a training point of view- the Manager was really engaged and supportive.

The week ends on another positive meeting with the Adult Single Pont of Access in Conwy, this involved mapping out the service and understanding how this can be used as an early help provision to inform the next tranche of training starting in May.