The Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) is pleased to announce their accreditation of the ‘Drinkaware at Work’ training programmes, provided by Drinkaware.

The workplace programmes include a training workshop and e-learning modules, which look at some of the common myths about alcohol, and identify the national low-risk drinking guidelines, the health implications of drinking alcohol and the potential consequences that drinking alcohol can have in workplace settings.

The programmes reference national frameworks and guidelines on alcohol, as well as encouraging participants to use an AUDIT-C*. recognised screening questionnaire to identify their level of risk of alcohol harm. 

Drinkaware at Work provides detailed information about the physical, social and mental health impacts of alcohol consumption. In particular, the course looks at:

  • The impact of drinking in the work environment, including the effect “the day after” drinking
  • Employer and employee responsibilities in relation to drinking alcohol
  • Guidance about drinking and driving

RSPH’s accreditation is a recognition of the quality of Drinkaware’s programme in achieving its objective to help the public make better choices about their drinking, by providing employers with a valuable tool to encourage an informed and supportive team culture when it comes to alcohol.

* An AUDIT-C is an alcohol harm assessment tool in the form of a scratch card with three questions around alcohol consumption. See here for more information.

Toby Green, Policy and Research Manager at RSPH, said: “RSPH wants to encourage better education of the public about alcohol harm, making sure people have the support they need to make informed and responsible decisions about their consumption. 

“These programmes focus on alcohol as it relates to the work environment, a crucial setting for promoting better health behaviours among the public. They provide excellent support for both employers and employees, and we are pleased to accredit them.”

Ian Blake, Health and Wellness Partnership Development Manager for Drinkaware, said: “Delivering Drinkaware at Work training sessions to workforces across the UK has given us a huge insight into how much organisations prioritise their employees’ wellbeing. In response to this we’re delighted to have developed our offer into a 12-month package, which is now accredited by RSPH, for employers that will really support their internal wellbeing calendar. 

“Alcohol can affect every aspect of our lives – from our physical health and mental wellbeing to our relationships and financial stability. It can also affect our performance and safety at work. By really engaging people with our training, we can help them make better choices about drinking and ultimately help make a greater impact on reducing alcohol harm.”