To help with improving the health and wellbeing of residents, Knowsley Council has trained all frontline staff and other stakeholders to offer brief lifestyle advice and how to access further information to customers and residents during their day-to-day work.

This training programme forms part of the Council’s comprehensive workforce development strategy and is based on the principle that “public health is everyone's business”.

The RSPH assessment of the training programme noted the clarity of the course and its adult-learner centred approach, which acknowledges the real life experiences of the participants. The innovative training programme incorporates quizzes, scenarios and role playing where participants are given the opportunity to share their experiences and learn from each other in order to find new ways to communicate issues surrounding public health.

RSPH Chief Executive Shirley Cramer CBE stated: “RSPH supports and celebrates initiatives that aim to improve the health and wellbeing of our communities, and as such I’m delighted to accredit Knowsley Council's '2 minute health messages programme'.  I would also like to take this opportunity to commend Knowsley Council for recognising that the development of a competent wider public health workforce is pivotal to delivering effective public health services that really address health inequalities.”

Matthew Ashton, Director of Public Health in Knowsley, said: “It is a great achievement to gain RSPH accreditation for our training programme. The comments made during the assessment were helpful and the accreditation process was very straightforward. It is important that all our front line staff and colleagues use every opportunity to help members of our community to improve their health.

"This training programme gives people the knowledge and confidence to provide advice whenever the opportunity arises. Our staff are following the principles of the training in their everyday work and people are changing their health lifestyle behaviours as a result of this programme.”