LiveWell Dorset’s suite of workforce development programmes, which help support the skills of those working in the local authority, healthcare and voluntary sectors, has received accreditation from the Royal Society for Public Health.

LiveWell Dorset is a service providing information and practical support for adults in Dorset who wish to take action to improve their wellbeing. The associated workforce development training supports those working in the community and focuses on developing the skills needed to promote health and wellbeing amongst key staff and service users. 

The RSPH accreditation confirms the quality of the training suite in meeting its objective. It helps those working and volunteering in the local community to motivate others to make sustainable health changes, and to promote access and awareness of the LiveWell Dorset programme for local residents.

Janice Constable, RSPH Director of Educational Services, said: “We are delighted to support the LiveWell Dorset project through our accreditation of its training programmes. RSPH has long recognised the importance of educating those in a position to have a positive influence on the health and wellbeing of others. The programme strengthens the confidence of staff and volunteers, providing knowledge and skills to better execute their important work”.   

Emma Rossi, Public Health Dorset, Service Manager, said: “It is a great accolade for LiveWell Dorset to receive the RSPH accreditation. We are very proud of our training programmes aimed at inspiring and facilitating healthy change to adults across the county. The endorsement assists in promoting the quality of our learning events whilst encouraging change to people across Dorset.”