As the public enquiry into the Covid pandemic is ongoing, two of our RSPH members are putting together a reader from a Public Health perspective on lessons that can be taken forward. Whilst the public enquiry considers the strategic elements of the pandemic response, this reader will uncover the professional and operational learnings.

The Reader will be edited by Richard Shircore and Col David Bates, long standing members of the RSPH, both of whom have critical experiences of the pandemic.

Two spheres of interest are open for reflection and exploration by RSPH members, and both are of equal importance for the reader.

Domestic issues will be one focus, particularly how Public Health, at both government and local level, functioned in the UK. One aspect of this will be public relations including information management, social media, and government public health communication strategy. Another aspect to consider is the domestic system readiness, from the health and medical advice provided, to local Public Health capacity, to pandemic preparedness. Ethical aspects of these issues are especially welcome.

International issues of managing a global pandemic will be the other focus of the reader. The issues to be explored will include: repatriation of infected persons, the role of the WHO, lessons to learn from previous epidemics, and the race to secure vaccines.

Other themes that could be considered are the geopolitics of BREXIT, and Britain’s perceived attenuated standing and influence in the world, including the contribution to global vaccine development. Can sovereign states afford to be isolationist with a myopic strategy in a globalised world? How do we manage global misinformation and disinformation to protect our citizens? What is the actual global threat from emerging and re-emerging diseases such as tuberculosis, Mpox, Marburg, and others?

The authors’ hope is that the reader will contribute to professional training and development. Alongside this, recommendations can be made utilising the collective experiences of a variety of professionals. This includes by networking with other likeminded organisations such as SAPHNA, IHSCM, FPH, FOHM and others.

Give voice to your experience and contribute to the efforts for better preparedness for the next Public Health emergency of epidemic or pandemic proportions.

Author advice and support: Informal discussion of submissions is welcome. You can submit your contributions to the RSPH Programmes team using the form below.

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