More than just a competition, Nestlé Professional® Toque d’Or® provides real-life challenges that inform, test and push both students and apprentices in the most exciting ways. By linking education with industry, Toque d’Or presents a series of unique experiences which bridge the gap between the classroom and the exciting reality of the industry.

This competition has been running for over 30 years and has helped many young up-and-coming chefs in colleges progress into a career in the hospitality sector. In 2018, the competition was expanded to include a competition for apprentices, which is now in its second year. This year, through discussions with the organising committee, RSPH encouraged Nestlé to show the importance of safety within the competition by inviting judges dedicated to looking at hygiene during the heat phase of the competition.

RSPH worked with members of its Food Safety Special Interest Group and a network of consultants to put together a panel of judges and come up with an agreed framework for marking. As a result of this, during the week commencing 4th March 2019, our panel of judges attended heats in Glasgow, Birmingham, London and Gatwick to judge the many teams and apprentices.

The competition is now on to its final stage, with only five colleges and six apprentices making it through to the final in May, before the winners will be announced at The Dorchester on 14 June 2019.

We are pleased to be a part of this, and wish all finalists good luck in the final.