RSPH aims to improve the public’s health through improving public health policy in the four nations of the UK and as part of that, we provide evidence and insights which can influence policy. In June, we have worked on a number of areas;

Our call for the Government to tighten gambling advertising rules, particularly with the Euros currently taking place, was featured in The Guardian. Both adults and young people aged 11 to 17 years old were in support of banning all gambling adverts, which our Gambling Health Alliance recommended in its response to the Gambling Act Review call for evidence. We saw the influence of advertising in action when Christiano Ronaldo moved bottles of Coca Cola out of sight during a press conference and replaced them with water, causing the company’s share price to drop. This is exactly the approach we need to take with gambling advertising too if we want to uncouple its association with sport and protect the population from gambling-related harm.

Our collaboration with Gambling with Lives continues as we work on developing surveys to quantify the harms posed by various gambling products. The Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Whitty made reference to companies profiting from ill health recently, and this could be applied to the gambling industry. We need to understand the harms caused by products to develop an appropriate public health response, which this project aims to achieve. Look out for an interim project update over the summer.    

Our vaccination work continued with two roundtables following on from our recent report, Mind the Gap, with discussions about how flu vaccination coverage could be improved in the context of changes to the public health system and Covid-19 vaccination programme. The main themes and recommendations are being written up and will be disseminated to policymakers to try to shape the planning and delivery of the 2021/22 flu season. The importance of vaccinations is crucial and we are delighted to continue to push this conversation forward.

Our work to support Allied Health Professionals continues with the website matching Allied Health Professionals with public health placements becoming well populated with work experience options. There has been great progress so far and we are looking at more colleagues who could offer a public health placement, take a look and get in touch with Florence on [email protected] if you would like to know more.     

We continue to offer the chance to hear from experts through our RSPH Sparks Debates webinar series. To date we have heard Chris Whittys perspective on the role of the state in public health, discussed the future of public health systems with Jonny Pearson-Stuttard, Maggie Rae and Richard Sloggett and considered what we mean by public health with Derek Ward, Jyoti Atri and Nigel Carter. All previous webinars are recorded and on our website (initially for members. None member access will be a fortnight later). You can find details of our upcoming webinars here with the next scheduled for 30th June, discussing co-production and patient voice

Finally, we are recruiting to some really exciting roles within the policy team and looking for great public health people who can help us in our ambitions. If this is you (or you know someone who it may be), please do have a look at our vacancies page

If you have anything you would like to discuss or share, do contact us at [email protected].