RSPH is currently undertaking research to better understand the views of both the public and professionals on vaccination for themselves and their children.

The research is intended to shed light on why people may or may not choose to get their children immunised against infectious diseases, with the ulltimate aim of improving the public’s health and wellbeing by tackling barriers to vaccination.

The results will be shared with the public and key stakeholders in a report to be published by RSPH in Autumn 2018. The report will include policy recommendations based on the results of surveys and other sources, and has been sponsored by MSD (note that MSD have no editorial control over the content of the report).

To take part in the research, please complete the relevant survey below.

Survey on vaccination for parents
If you are a parent (of a child under the age of 18) and living in the UK, please share your views on how parents feel about vaccinating their children and what barriers there may be to uptake, and for the chance to be entered into a prize draw to win £200.

Survey for professionals delivering immunisation programmes in the UK
If you are a professional involved in delivering immunisation programmes in the UK, please share your views on the importance of vaccination and barriers to uptake in the UK.





Some of the questions in the survey cover sensitive topics and, while all answers will be confidential, it will not be possible to trace your answers back to you or your child/children.