Young Health Movement logo

The Young Health Movement (YHM) is a national collective of young people (aged 12-24) and organisations and professionals who work with them.

Its new website is now live and showcases a bold new look for the YHM brand with a dynamic new logo, style and colour palette.

YHM was launched by RSPH in 2015 with the support of Public Health England. Its aim is to give young people the skills, knowledge and confidence to act as peer mentors, increasing awareness of healthy lifestyles and encouraging involvement in activities to promote good health across community and educational settings.

By the end of 2017, YHM aims to have empowered and inspired over 100,000 young people to take control of their health and wellbeing through its new website, events, roadshow and social media channels.

YHM is complemented by the Level 2 Certificate for Youth Health Champions qualification also provided by RSPH. This exciting and flexible approach to health education for young people has now trained nearly 2,000 Young Health Champions nationwide.