Health at every age

Our vision is to optimise health and wellbeing for all. This covers every age and stage, from giving every child the best start in life, through to providing critical support at key milestones such as the teenage years, ultimately enabling people to live well in later life

Since 2014, we have trained


Young Health Champions across the UK

Living in the most deprived areas of the UK can cost you

20 years

of good health compared to living in the least

Depression affects approximately

a quarter

of people aged over 65

Our areas of focus

Children and their families

While we may not directly deliver at every life stage, through our accreditation services we are able to recognise organisations which do have an impact. We have accredited a range of providers with a particular focus on the early years, including the Children’s Food Trust, Hey! and Henry, aimed at equipping children and their families with healthy lifestyle advice and support.

Our recent Child's Obesity Strategy recognised the key public health challenge facing young people and was developed in assocation with our Young Health Movement.


Adolescence can be a turbulent time and by the teenage years the influence of peers rather than parents and families becomes more important. Our Young Health Champions qualification recognises the growing importance of peer influence and involves training young people to learn new practical skills and knowledge which they can use to promote health and wellbeing to their peers at school, work and in the community. 

To accompany and support the growing network of Young Health Champions, we created the Young Health Movement (YHM) which aims to be a collective of young people and organisations that are committed to empowering and involving young people to actively promote health and wellbeing. YHM has developed a range of resources and has provided an authentic voice from young people on many of the key health and wellbeing issues facing them today.

Our most recent campaign developed with YHM is #Statusofmind which looks at the impact of social media on young people's mental health and wellbeing.

Working age

Moving into employment can be present its own challenges to our health and wellbeing and ill health in the workplace costs society billions. To mitigate the negative effects of the workplace on our health and wellbeing, we developed the Workplace Health Champions scheme, harnessing Health Champions’ natural energy and enthusiasm to provide knowledge and practical skills that encourages workplaces to be more health promoting and to support colleagues in leading healthier lives.

Many of us commute to work on a daily basis, and the commuting environment can be challenging to our health and wellbeing. Our report, Health in a Hurry, highlights the impact a commuting environment can have on the health and wellbeing of the 24 million of us who travel to work every day. The report emphasised that both mental and physical wellbeing issues – such as increased stress and high blood pressure – are associated with longer commutes, and we continue to campaign for the benefits of active travel.

Later life

Progressing into health in later life, our recent partnership with the Gulbenkian Foundation around positive ageing is focused particularly around attitudes to ageing and older people, and how such attitudes to ageing and older people can impact upon health and wellbeing. Exploring topics such as transitions in later life and cliff-edge retirement, we seek to identify what society can do to change these attitudes and ultimately behaviours.

Our other strategic priorities

Improving the public's health

Our work to improve the public’s health recognises the complex nature of changing behaviour, and that this is often driven by social determinants of health rather than personal choice

Protecting the public’s health

In addition to advances in health protection, the prevention and control of infectious diseases and other threats has provided the opportunity to optimise the public's health

Wider Public Health Workforce

With over 15 million workers including firefighters, hairdressers and postal workers, the wider workforce can support the public’s health in a variety of ways

Working internationally

We work on an international platform, connecting thousands of members from around the world and delivering policy and projects which stimulate global debate

Our Strategic Priorities

Our strategic priorities define and determine our areas of focus so that we can maximise our impact and the delivery of our mission