Working internationally

We work on an international platform, connecting thousands of members from around the world and delivering policy and projects which stimulate global debate

We have over

6,000 members

based all over the world

We secured press coverage in

over 125 countries

across six continents in 2017

Our journal Public Health has

over 9,000 readers


Our areas of focus


With over six thousand members from 90 countries around the world, our membership continues to expand year by year. We provide a range of essential products and services to our members, as well as access to a vibrant community focused on improving the public's health.

One of the most popular benefits of membership is access to our two academic journals, Public Health and Perspectives in Public Health. Both are accessed worldwide by members as well as subscribing institutions. Public Health is read by over 9,000 people internationally and has an editorial board comprising of members from Switzerland, USA, Hong Kong, Australia, Sweden. Perspectives in Public Health has subscriptions as far afield as Swaziland and Myanmar, and an International Advisory Board with representatives from Australia, USA, Denmark, Hong Kong.

Campaigns and policy

We are committed to raising awareness of the issues that impact the public’s health. Through campaigns and policy reports, we engage government, local authorities, and a wide range of authorities to take action and make changes that will improve health and wellbeing for all.

The conversations we prompt and the debates we stimulate are informed by evidence and experience from around the world, and in turn contribute to the international dialogue. Whether being led by international example, or as leaders in the international sphere, we are able to see take a truly global perspective to improving the public’s health.


In 1903, a group of doctors formed the Institute of Hygiene (now the Royal Society for Public Health) to take action on the inadequate standards of hygiene in Britain. The accreditation service that was established the following year is still operating today, and now endorses the hygiene claims of products around the world.

As well as products, we accredit campaigns, training programs and university modules to ensure the highest standard of public health is met across the board.


In 2011, we worked with the Indian Institute of Public Health (IIPC) to develop food safety training programmes for food regulators in India. This resulted in the production of curricula and training materials for Food Inspectors and those working in food businesses, including managers, supervisors and food handlers.

Our other strategic priorities

Health at every age

Our vision is to optimise health and wellbeing for all. This covers every age and stage, from giving every child the best start in life, through to providing critical support at key milestones such as the teenage years, ultimately enabling …

Improving the public's health

Our work to improve the public’s health recognises the complex nature of changing behaviour, and that this is often driven by social determinants of health rather than personal choice

Protecting the public’s health

In addition to advances in health protection, the prevention and control of infectious diseases and other threats has provided the opportunity to optimise the public's health

Wider Public Health Workforce

With over 15 million workers including firefighters, hairdressers and postal workers, the wider workforce can support the public’s health in a variety of ways

Our Strategic Priorities

Our strategic priorities define and determine our areas of focus so that we can maximise our impact and the delivery of our mission