HPV Teaching and Learning Resource

This resource has been designed to help teachers, school nurses and health professionals explain to students, but specifically girls that:

  • Almost all cervical cancers are caused by a virus (HPV) that can be vaccinated against;
  • Vaccination is available (when and how);
  • Some type of HPVs cause genital warts; and 
  • Protected sex and cervical screening are still essential.

And to provide a means of supporting government messaging, respond to questions about the vaccine and to help ensure a timely take up of all three doses.

The resource includes:
The resource target group and delivery

The resource elements have been written for use with students aged 12-14 years but can be adapted or extended for older students as part of the 'catch up' vaccination programme.

The Lesson Plans - and indeed the group talk 'Immunisation - What you need to know' - have been designed to be delivered either as a progressive programme or each Lesson Plan can 'stand alone'. In which case we would recommend the core Lesson Plan delivered is Vaccination & Immunisation.

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