Centre case study

Lisa Ackerley

Dr Lisa Ackerley
Hygiene Audit Systems


"The RIPH have always been very approachable to new ideas and suggestions, and have a flexible and pragmatic approach to training. Working with the RIPH, Hygiene Audit Systems has produced bespoke specialist courses for clients to allow them to train delegates, particularly at management level, on the implementation of their own HACCP systems, giving added value to the Level 3 courses. This has been a resounding success.

As a trainer, I find this flexible approach has allowed me to ensure that my courses meet clients’ requirements, rather than the other way round. The new training accreditation scheme provides an exciting opportunity for collaboration between the RSPH, our clients and Hygiene Audit Systems in the endeavour to help clients achieve the highest standards of training throughout their organisation.

Writing the regular food safety update column keeps me up to date and on the look out for interesting news for the readers. I am particularly interested in “translating” academic research findings into practical and easily understood articles. So often the scientists find out really exciting things, but don’t go that last step – to explain the significance of their research, and to show the practical implications. This is why I like to put in the “Comments” sections.

I have recently been asked to put some information together for the RSPH web-site, which I have enjoyed – again it is important to make the writing clear and easy to understand. On the BBC programmes (Watchdog and Rogue Restaurants) my main function is to explain the science in lay terms so that people can understand the significance of findings.

I was honoured to be asked to deliver a lecture on E.coli at the members’ event in Jun 08, where I met many trainers and readers of the food safety update column. One trainer told me how much she enjoys reading my comments and now, when I write I think of her reading my work and it’s such a pleasure!

I look forward to working with the RSPH in the future, and always welcome the opportunity to share experiences with other trainers."

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