Speaker: George McCracken, Estates Senior Manager
Chair: Christopher Shaw, Senior Director RIBA

Managing the design and build process for a large building is inevitably a challenge. Healthcare buildings pose additional challenges as the complexity and type of water systems increase. The consequences of getting things wrong at any stage can therefore pose a threat to the lives of highly vulnerable patients who may be exposed to the water within the buildings.

This includes not just the potable water systems but also wastewater which if not designed and installed appropriately can contaminate potable systems, including the outlets, with the potential for transfer of antibiotic-resistant microorganisms to vulnerable patients.

With waterborne pathogens continuing to create concern for the provision of safe and effective patient care, questions need to be asked; what more can be done to minimise these risks?

This webinar will set the scene for managing water hygiene during the entire design and build process, taking, by way of example, the planning, design and construction of a new healthcare building. This will detail the challenges faced within the brief, client liaison, design process, construction phase, commissioning and hand over. 

Mr George McCracken a respected and innovative Estates Manager who has many years of managing such systems, will describe how critical it is to be involved from the very early concept stage of the buildings through installation, commissioning and operation and some of the common mistakes which can be averted to ensure all water systems new builds are both safe and sustainable.