About the webinar

When: 1pm 17th February

Where: Online

Chair: Graham Rushbrook, chair of the Behaviour Change Special Interest Group and member of the NICE Public Health Advisory Committee Programme.

Speaker: Sir Muir Gray, CBE, FRCPSGlas, FCLIP, Director, The Optimal Ageing Programme


The scientific basis of Living Longer Better is that ageing by itself is not a major problem until the mid-90s. It is now known that what happens to us after the age of 60 should not just be assumed to be caused by the ageing process.

The ageing process affects everyone from about 40 on but by itself does not cause major problems until after 90. There are three interrelated causes of the problems that occur more frequently as people live longer:

  • Loss of fitness
  • Disease, much of which is preventable, complicated by accelerated loss of fitness and 
  • Pessimistic and negative beliefs and attitudes summarised in the RSPH report on Ageism
All these risk factors have been aggravated by lockdown and there is an urgent need to overcome the effects of inactivity and isolation, now termed deconditioning, as well as the need for system development for the long term.

The aim is to create a new paradigm based on a new culture with redefinition of the concept “care” to focus on the positive and enabling people of any age to:
  • Increase strength, stamina skill and suppleness
  • Increase brainability and reduce the risk of dementia by tackling key risk factors including isolation
  • Maintain and strengthen a sense of purpose based on positive beliefs and attitudes

Muir Gray entered the Public Health Service in Oxford in 1972 after qualifying in medicine in Glasgow. He now works one day a week as a consultant in public health in Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust

He has been working with both NHS England and Public Health England with the aim of increasing value for both populations and individuals and published How To Get Better Value Healthcare in 2007. The means of doing this is through Systems and Personalisation, now called Population Healthcare. This aims to maximise value and equity by focusing not on institutions or technologies, but on populations defined by a common symptom such as breathlessness, condition such as Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes  or by a common characteristic, such as multiple morbidity

Recently he has returned to his first public health mission - preventing the changes we assume are due to ageing and disease by getting the right attitude and fighting back against an environment that makes us inactive. His key books include Sod70! And, with Diana Moran, Sod Sitting, Get Moving! 

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