About the webinar

When: 1pm - 13th October

Where: Online

Speaker: Dr John Lee, Director, Leegionella Ltd

Chair: Dr. Maria Luisa Ricci, Senior researcher, National Reference Laboratory for Legionella Department of Infectious Diseases


Collecting water samples for analysis for the presence of Legionella, the cause of Legionnaires’ disease, has always been an essential part of investigating the sources of infection in outbreaks.  It is also imperative when studying the effectiveness of new methods of control.  The role of sampling in routine monitoring of water systems was often a topic of debate but is increasingly recognised internationally as an important component of verifying the ongoing effectiveness of control measures and also for the commissioning of new items of equipment or water systems particularly in a healthcare environment.  Unfortunately, even for investigative purposes, samples are not always taken in a manner appropriate to providing valid interpretable practically useful analytical results.

At the time of this webinar BS7592 the public comment phase of the development of the revised standard should just have been completed.  The standard is being revised to not only update it in line with current legislation and technical guidance on Legionella control but also to take into consideration new methods of detection and to clarify the appropriate and correct application of water sampling for different purposes.  In this webinar the logic behind the methods of sampling in the various settings and the revisions in the new BS 7592 will be described.

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