• Chair: Dr Anna Snelling, Programme Lead Biomedical Science and Senior Lecturer in Microbiology, University of Bradford
  • Speaker: Dr Mike Weinbren, Director Infection Prevention and Control, Consultant Microbiologist, UHCW NHS Trust. 

Water is essential to human life and has a key role in public health. This talk will examine a number of important discoveries related to water from 1840 to current day. However, many of the discoveries have been marred by a powerful force which still threatens to undermine medical progress.

Professor Kevin Kerr was a consultant microbiologist and Director of Infection Prevention & Control at Harrogate District Hospital with a special interest and expertise in preventing hospital acquired waterborne infections. His lectures and research insights into this topic will be discussed in connection with the theme.

There is still much to learn about the transmission of waterborne organisms in the hospital environment and learning from history and understanding the forces at work may help to promote future learning. Current areas of concern will also be discussed.


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