• Speaker: Graham Thompson, Director, Oculus Consulting Ltd
  • Chaired by: Elise Maynard, Managing Partner, Elise Maynard & Associates LLP

BREEAM (the world’s leading sustainability assessment method for master planning projects, infrastructure and buildings). “Recognises and reflects the value in higher performing assets across the built environment lifecycle, from new construction to in-use and refurbishment”.

Within the UK New build section you will find, Water - Wat 01 Water consumption (5 credits) for “Reducing the demand for potable water through the provision of efficient sanitary fittings, rainwater collection and water recycling systems”.

A quote by Dr Anthony Turton - Environmental Advisor | Speaker | Author
“To reconnect us, rainwater harvesting (RWH) is often proposed as a ‘solution’. Let’s put this in context. RWH offers one tool to link people with ecosystems. But as droughts besiege our homes and businesses, surely we can do more than simply place a tank under a roof to catch water through the gutter? A more honest answer takes into account urban scale, time, and place. Harvesting rainfall is a feel-good thing. Like recycling, it makes a savvy person believe he or she is at least trying to live in a more sustainable way. In truth, the impact of individual RWH is limited to negligible.”

Having spoken to several water treatment companies it appears that the UK is littered with switched off rain water harvesting systems, what went wrong?


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