• Time: 1pm BST
  • Speaker: Dr Susanne Lee, Director Leegionella Ltd and RSPH Water Special Interest Group Chair
  • Chaired by: Steve Williams, Deputy Fleet Medical Director, MSC Cruises

Maintaining water quality on maritime vessels poses many challenges; not just because the water taken on board may vary in quality but also because of the many uses that water is used for on board.

Water systems on large vessels are akin to those of a small town in terms of size, diversity and complexity for both the clean and waste water systems and need to be managed accordingly to prevent outbreaks and cases of waterborne illness. In addition to drinking water, personal hygiene, food preparation etc. water is also used for recreational purposes, such as in health and wellbeing spas for treatments and hairdressing as well as for technical purposes.

This webinar will cover the relevant waterborne hazards and hazardous events, the steps needed to develop a robust water safety plan to prevent waterborne illness and the current guidance and legislation; including the new ballast water management regulations.


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Don’t forget, this webinar is part of a series of webinars from the RSPH. A series of five water webinars from 2017 can be accessed from our RSPH members’ area.