18 September 2019, 1pm BST

Speaker: Dr Ginny Moore, Project Team Leader, Water Microbiology PHE Porton
Chair: Dr Rosalind Stanwell-Smith, Editor Perspectives in Public Health 

Previous webinars in this series discuss the hospital handwash station, the factors that lead to contamination and colonisation of tap outlets, the impact of drainage system biofilm and how sink design can facilitate the spread of waterborne pathogens. Hospital sinks and associated drainage systems can also harbour antimicrobial resistant bacteria.

This webinar will focus on waste water, the fate of antimicrobial resistant organisms in treatment plants, the presence of resistant bacteria and/or resistance genes in effluent and the impact of their reintroduction to the environment and water supply.


The webinar series is supported by an educational grant from 

Pall Medical



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Severn Trent