Speaker: Dr John Lee, Director Leegionella Ltd.
Chair: Sarah Wratten, Aquatic Therapy Clinical Specialist and Accredited ATACP Tutor

The therapeutic uses of water were recognised in ancient civilisations in Europe and Asia. Therapy can range from immersion of parts of the body to full body immersion with exercise. Aquatic therapy is not confined to humans and is used increasingly in veterinary practice.

This talk will concentrate on pools used for human aquatic therapy. Often these people being treated are particularly susceptible to infection but the aquatic physiotherapists themselves are also at risk of long-term immersion.

The effective operation of hydrotherapy pools for their primary purpose can sometimes be jeopardised by their inappropriate use for other purposes. This talk will consider the appropriate design, management and operation of hydrotherapy pools in order to enhance the patient experience and reduce any risks.



The webinar series is supported by an educational grant from 

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