23 October 2019, 9am BST

Speaker: Dr Harriet Whiley, Environmental Health, Flinders University, Adelaide
Chair: Dr Greg Jackson, Director of the Water Unit in the Health Protection Branch of the Department of Health

Waterborne illness related to the consumption of contaminated or inadequately treated water is a global public health issue. Within hospitals, waterborne pathogens present a major and preventable cause of healthcare acquired infections.

Many hospitals rely on private water supplies such as boreholes, wells and springs; however, despite having the same regulatory quality standards as public water supplies these private water supplies are often associated with an increased risk of waterborne infections.

This is illustrated by a national survey of private water supplies in the UK that found 30% did meet microbiological guidelines compared to less than 1% of public water supplies.

This presentation will explore the common causes of outbreaks associated with private water supplies including transient populations, lack or failure of treatment, the presence of animals and heavy rains.

A strategy for identifying and understanding risk factors, including the protection of water sources and adequate treatment and maintenance, will be discussed. 


The webinar series is supported by an educational grant from 

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