Overview of the Webinar

When: 1pm 8 April 

Speaker:  Dr Joost Hopman, Consultant Microbiologist, Head of the Infection Control Unit, Radboud, University Medical Center.

Chair: Dr Mike Weinbren, Director Infection Prevention And Control, Consultant Microbiologist, UHCW NHS Trust.

Title: Water in Hospitals: Balance between infrastructure and behavioural infection prevention and control

The hospital built environment should facilitate good clinical IPC practices. Ideally the built environment should even go one step further by limiting the HCWs options for wrong behaviour and stimulating practices towards the correct behaviour.

In this lecture we will explain ways to reduce the risk for transmission of GNB from the environment to the patient by eliminating the source (sinks, shower drains and sewage systems) from patient rooms.

Is it time for essential requirements for the hospital built environment? Steps are being made and initiatives under way to address IPC principles in the hospital built environment for high and low-resource settings.

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