Corporate Member Crest

The RSPH Corporate Member Crest can be used by all RSPH Corporate Members to demonstrate your RSPH Membership. We are proud to have a vibrant community of Corporate Members from across the spectrum of public health and using the Crest is a key benefit of RSPH membership.

As well as showcasing your RSPH membership, using the Crest across your communications is a great way of showing your organisation's commitment to improving the public's health and wellbeing.

The Crest's colours, style and layout are an important part of our visual identity and are a representation of RSPH's values. We want to encourage all Corporate Members to use the Crest and have provided some guidelines to make incorporating the Corporate Member Crest into your communications as straightforward as possible.


Use of the Corporate Member Crest

The Corporate Member Crest can be used across a range of offline and online materials. If there is a way you would like to use the Crest that you are unsure about you can get in touch with our membership team at any time. The materials we encourage you to use the Crest across are:

  • Printed materials - these can include written letters, with the Crest being used within the letter’s header or footer
  • Business cards - for employees or partners of your organisation
  • Online - including on your website’s home page or a webpage describing the Corporate Membership or your Corporate and Social Responsibility activities
  • Internal -  this can include internal communications and documents
  • Reports - such as annual reports and Corporate and Social Responsibility Reports.

Unless agreed with the membership team, the Corporate Member Crest should not be used in the ways outlined below:

  • Promotional Products - this includes either directly on the product itself or on materials such as product labels
  • Corporate services - including materials promoting a specific service, resource or service delivery materials
  • Media Communications with Mass Reach - this applies to T.V, newspapers, magazines, social media or online adverts and outdoor media such as vehicles, buildings, flags, banners, fixtures or fittings
  • Training materials - this includes any materials directly related to training, such as course materials, training resources, eLearning material, promotional material for training programmes and learner certificates
  • Corporate Member activity materials -  such as health and wellbeing campaigns, staff welfare initiatives or charitable activities.

Corporate Member Crest Positioning

The Corporate Member Crest should stand apart from all other logos, typography, graphics and illustrations. There should be an ‘exclusion zone’ around the Crest so it stands apart from all other icons. There is an exclusion zone built into the Crest and is the minimum amount of space that should be left around the Crest.

The Corporate Member Crest has been designed for all our members to use with pride to demonstrate their commitment to best practice public health. However, there are a few guidelines for how the Crest should be applied to our Corporate Member's materials:

  • Crest Elements - The Crest elements e.g the text and the Crest image should not be split out
  • Exclusion Zone - text, images or other logos should not be placed within the exclusion zone of the Crest
  • Crest Manipulation - this means the Crest should not be stretched, shrunk or the size manipulated
  • Colours - the colours of the Crest should not be altered in an way
  • Size - the minimum size the Crest should be is 16mm.

Download the Corporate Member Crest 

The Corporate Member Crest has been produced in a range of colours to make it compatible with all our Corporate Partner's colour palettes.

The Crest can be downloaded in any of the below colours and formats. However, if you want to use the Corporate Member Crest on any printed material we recommend that you get in touch with our membership team, who will provide you with a high-res version. 

If you are using the Crest for digital communications e.g a webpage, you can link the image back to the RSPH Corporate Membership page, to help others learn about the public health network that you're part of.

If you would like to use a transparent version of the Crest (transparent background, text and Crest image) please get in touch with our Membership team.

To download any of the versions of the Corporate Member Crest, simply click on one of the highlighted links and then right-click and select 'save image as'. 


Green on a White Background



White on a Green Background



Dark Teal on a White Background



White on a Dark Teal Background



White on a Dark Grey Background



Dark Grey on a White Background




Orange on a White Background