A day event took place on 30 November 2016 and explored the contrasts and commonalities between theoretical perspectives, research methods and professional practice in creative arts therapies, medical/health humanities and arts, health and wellbeing.


  • Paul Crawford, University of Nottingham, Health Humanities Research Priority Area and International Health Humanities Network
  • Alex Coulter, Arts & Health South West
  • Norma Daykin, University of Winchester, Centre for Arts as Wellbeing
  • Brian Hurwitz, King’s College London, Centre for the Humanities and Health
  • Val Huet, British Association of Art Therapy
  • Angela Fenwick, Birmingham Centre for Creative Arts Therapies
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Mahmoud Shaltout is a Post-doctorate Teaching Fellow at the American University in Cairo.

He has obtained his Ph.D and MSc in Public Health from the University of Salford, and his BSc from the American University of Sharjah in Environmental Sciences (conc. Biology). His topics of interest include obesity, food hygiene, environmental and socio economic determinants of health/health behaviours, and arts in public health (education). He teaches 'Scientific Thinking', 'Creative Thinking' and 'Current Health Issues'.

He is also a comic artist, contributing to both academic endeavours as well as for various non-academic (media) publications under his pen name, MacToot.

Interviews with

Alex Coulter
Professor Brian Hurwitz
Professor Norma Daykin
Angela Fenwick
Dr Val Huet