Upcoming events

31 May 2018
This conference will be for health professionals who work with clients on a daily basis, who are looking for new and innovative ways to motivate their clients, and themselves. Delegates will hear from expert speakers discussing the challenges now faced by services and consider their needs going forward in a climate of budget cuts.
This conference is a must attend for health champions, health trainers, IAPTs, weight managers, commissioners, public health service leads, healthy living pharmacies and allied health professionals.

Upcoming webinars

28 March 2018
  • Chair: Graham Rushbrooke, Chair of the Behaviour Change SIG and, Chair of RSPH Health and Wellbeing Awards, Member of the Flu Vaccination Public Health Advisory Committee.
  • Speakers: Claire McDonald, Behaviour Change and Engagement Specialist, and Pauline MacDonald, Independent Consultant Nurse, Infection Matters Ltd.

With 2018 marking the 70th anniversary of the NHS now is a perfect time to take stock and reflect on the developments in public health which have impacted on the uptake of vaccinations across the UK. With increased capacity across community groups to conduct brief advice and brief interventions, it is more important than ever to identify actionable steps to engage hard to reach communities and reflect on the barriers and successes to date across vaccination programmes.

This talk with examine the role Pharmacies, GPs and Health Trainers have to play in promoting behaviour change and communicating health messages around vaccinations.

  • Chair: Graham Rushbrooke, Chair of the Behaviour Change SIG and, Chair of RSPH Health and Wellbeing Awards, Member of the Flu Vaccination Public Health Advisory Committee.
  • Speakers: Robbie Currie, Sexual Health Commissioner, London Borough of Bexley 

Across the world countries have introduced legislation to mandate vaccination programmes, and in the UK the government is now encouraging new university and college students to vaccinate against measles. With this shift in thinking, now is the perfect time for our Young Health Movement to have their say on immunisation.

Do you think enforced legislation is the best way to facilitate vaccination uptake, or should the UK be using different strategies to shape attitudes? What policies and best practices would you like to see around vaccinations, and what more can be done to communicate health messages?

If you are part of our Young Health Movement, or are a young person aged 14-24 and would like to put forward your views on immunisation, register to join our webinar.


Past events

Breastfeeding: a public health priority
19 April 2018

Given that breastfeeding is one of the most powerful factors in infant health, and that statistically the UK shows some of the lowest rates worldwide this issue is a public heath priority.

The conference programme is designed to illustrate the need for support and show examples of what integrated services can achieve in the community. The World’s Breastfeeding Trends initiative findings and recommendations which will be shared during the day can strengthen health visitor practice and improve public health if implemented.


Behaviour Change – Something for Everyone Conference
9 June 2016

The Behaviour Change – Something for Everyone Conference came at a critical time for health trainer services. Since the service was first introduced in 2005, health trainers have supported thousands of clients, largely from the most deprived communities, to achieve positive behaviour change and improvements in mental wellbeing. However, at a time of growing financial pressures, the future for many services is increasingly uncertain. 

Read the write up here