Terms & Conditions for room/venue hire

These terms and conditions apply in relation to the Hire of Meeting Rooms and related services at John Snow House, 59 Mansell Street by Royal Society for Public Health, a Charity registered in England & Wales (Registration Number 1125949).

1. Definitions

1.1    ‘RSPH’ means Royal Society for Public Health
1.2    ‘Premises’ means the premises where the Rooms are located, being John Snow House, 59 Mansell Street, London E1 8AN
1.3    ‘Venue’ means the venue where the Rooms are located, being John Snow House, 59 Mansell Street, London E1 8AN
1.4    ‘Hirer’ means the Company, Institution, Organisation, or Individual on whose behalf this legally binding booking is made
1.5     ‘Attendee’ means any individual who will be in attendance at a session whether as an employee, delegate, or guest of the Hirer
1.6    ‘Booking’ means each booking of a Session or series of Sessions made by the Hirer, detailed in the Enquiry Form
1.7    ‘Enquiry Form’ means the completed form setting out the specific arrangements in relations to the Booking, including the identity of the Hirer
1.8    ‘Contract’ means the agreement between RSPH and the Hirer for a Booking, comprising these Terms and Conditions and the Enquiry Form
1.9    ‘Rooms’ means any one of the Meeting Rooms available for hire at the Premises
1.10    ‘Session’ means a period of time during which a Room is available for booking, as further details in the section 2 below
1.11    ‘Schedule of Charges’ means the document or documents setting out the charges for the Rooms and related supported services provided by RSPH, which may be subject to amendment from the time to time
1.12    ‘Parties’ means the Company, Institution, Organisation, or Individual on whose behalf this legally binding booking is made
1.13    ‘RSPH Members’ and ‘Approved Centres’ mean currently active membership with RSPH
1.14    ‘Event’ means the business events such as function, meeting, conference, workshop, the date of which has been agreed by the Parties at which RSPH is engaged to provide the Services
1.15     ‘Package’ means the combined services supplied by RSPH and Hirer
1.16    ‘Working day’ means any day from Monday to Friday exclusive of bank holidays.

2. Booking and Confirmation

2.1    By signing and returning the Terms and Conditions documentation, the Hirer will be deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions. All Bookings are provisional until the RSPH has received payment in full
2.2    Sessions are available only on working days for the booking are as follows:
•    Half Day: 0900 – 1300 or 1300 – 1700
•    Full Day: 0900 – 1700

2.3    A Booking of a shorter duration other than the Sessions set out above, will be charged as follows;
2.3.1    Bookings of less than 4 hours sessions will be charged at half day rate
2.3.2    Bookings of between 5 and 8 hours will be charged at full day rate
2.3.3    Any Session booking that extends past 1700hrs will be subject to an additional charge
2.4    Rooms will be available at least 15 minutes prior to the session start time. No Sessions will be available on Bank Holidays
2.5    RSPH may, at its sole discretion, reject any Booking request or part thereof at any time without liability.

3. Rates and Discounts

3.1    Rates for Room and the provision of audio-visual equipment are set out in the Schedule of Charges
3.2    RSPH Members and, Approved Centres and other registered charities may qualify for 10% discount on room hire fees.  All the other facilities such as audio visual equipment will not qualify for any discount. 

4. Payment

4.1    Hirer is required to pay all the charges in full as per the bookings prior to the hire date. Any residual charges will be invoiced separately to the hirer
4.2    Rooms, and audio-visual equipment will be charged at the rates set out in the Schedule of the Charges
4.3    The Booking will not be confirmed until the payment has been  received in full 
4.4    Cancellation fees will be charged in accordance with Section 10
4.5    All prices set out in the Schedule of Charges and is exclusive of VAT at the current rate.

5. Catering

5.1    The RSPH does not provide in-house catering services. We welcome the Hirer to elect their own caterers. The Hirer can also use Berkeley Catering Ltd for catering, a supplier used by RSPH for its own meetings
5.2    The Hirer MUST refer to the catering suppliers for any advice on allergy, intolerance and special diets. The RSPH will NOT be responsible and liable on this issue
5.3    The Hirer will be solely responsible for ordering and paying for their own catering supplies.

6. Refreshments

6.1    RSPH will provide tea/coffee and biscuits. Please be advised that these are bought in from external suppliers and therefore, these items cannot be guaranteed to be free of allergenic cross-contamination. Information about ingredients can be provided on request. Biscuits are all pre-packed, please refer to the allergens listed on the packaging.

7. Layout

7.1    It is the responsibility for the Hirer to specify the room set up required at least one week before the date of the event.

8. Audio-Visual Support and WIFI

8.1    All requests for audio-visual equipment must be made at least one week before the date of the event in writing to [email protected]
8.2    Attendees may use their own laptops but it is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure compatibility with RSPH wireless network, and RSPH accepts no responsibility for any incompatibility
8.3    Our wireless network is provided “as it is” without warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied.  We do not warrant that access to our wireless network will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free at all times or will meet your requirements. We are not responsible for the security, integrity, accuracy or completeness of any information that you transmit or receive while using our wireless network
8.4    Our wireless network is provided to you at our discretion. Your access may be blocked, suspended or terminated for any reason by the RSPH
8.5    You should not:
8.5.1    Use our wireless network for any purpose that is unlawful or otherwise prohibited
8.5.2    Use our wireless network in such a manner as to host a web or other server, send or facilitate the sending of bulk 3-mail or collect third party personal data
8.5.3    Exceed typical bandwidths relevant to the period that you use our wireless network
8.5.4    Resell, or attempt to resell, our wireless network to any third party.

9. Health and Safety

9.1    All visitors are required to observe RSPH Fire and Security Procedures, which can be found in all Rooms.  The Hirer must ensure that its activities and those of the participants confirm with health and safety practices, and the general health and safety information is read out at the beginning of the meeting
9.2    Hirer must:
9.2.1    ensure that they are familiar with the fire precautions for the building including exit routes and assembly point
9.2.2     include the housekeeping rules/fire precautions read out to the attendees before the start of the session
9.2.3    maintain good access to and from the rooms and keep clear all aisles and escape routes
9.2.4    ensure there is adequate space between furniture, equipment and walls of rooms to allow Attendees to move freely
9.2.5    ensure all personal belonging be stored in designated areas off the floor or placed safely under the furniture they are using
9.2.6    ensure the rooms/Café area are left in a clean and tidy condition
9.3    All electrical equipment brought into the Venue by the Hirer must have a current Portable Appliance Test (PAT) Certificate.

10. Cancellation

10.1     All cancellations by the hirer must be made in writing. Where a hirer cancels the booking, the hirer shall pay the RSPH the following charges: -
Notice of cancellation received:
•    Less than 7 days prior to Session – 100% of the booking charges 
•    Between 7 to 13 days prior to Session – 50% of the booking charges
•    More than 14 days prior to Session – No charges
10.1.1    The Hirer is responsible for their own costs in the event that a session does not take place for any reason
10.1.2    The RSPH reserves the right to charge the hirer separately for any irrecoverable costs it may have incurred at the time of the cancellation

10.2    RSPH reserves the right to cancel or terminate any Booking at a time for any reason including, but not limited to, the following:
10.2.1    If the Hirer is more than 30 day in arrears in respect of payment due to RSPH in respect of previous and/or current Bookings or Part(s) thereof
10.2.2    If the Booking might, in RSPH’s reasonable opinion, prejudice and reputation of RSPH
10.2.3    If the behaviour of the Hirer or Attendees (whether as individuals or as a group) is deemed by RSPH to be unacceptable 
10.2.4    If the activity of the Hirer or Attendees (whether as individuals or as a group) breaches fire/health and safety or any legislation in any way or is deemed unsafe or staff or guests.

11. Smoking and Vaping

11.1    Smoking and vaping are strictly prohibited in anywhere in the RSPH Premises or surrounding areas.

12. Property Loss/Damage

12.1.1    The Hirer and any Attendees bring any property to the Premises at their own risk and for the avoidance of doubt, RSPH will not be liable for any loss, theft or damage of such property that takes place on the Premises
12.1.2    The Hirer may not glue, stick pin or nail anything to the walls, fixtures and fittings of the Premises.  The Hirer shall indemnify and keep RSPH indemnified in full in respect of the cost of repair of any damage caused by the Hirer or the attendees of a session to the Premises and/or any fixtures or furnishings within the Premises
12.1.3    At the time of Booking the Hirer must advise the RSPH of any equipment that it proposes to bring onto the Premises for any Session and RSPH hereby reserves its right to refuse permission for such equipment to be brought onto the Premises. The Hirer may not leave any items or equipment in a Room overnight, unless it has obtained the express prior consent from RSPH to do so.  For avoidance of doubt, RSPH accepts no liability for the safety of such equipment
12.1.4    RSPH reserves the right to remove and/or dispose of any item left in a Room or on the Premises by a Hirer or Session Attendees after the Session has concluded
12.1.5    The Hirer shall be responsible for any wilful or negligent loss and/or damage to the Premises, the fixtures, and fittings and any equipment of the RSPH to the extent that such loss and/or damage was caused by the Hirer and / or the Attendees.  Any costs of making good such loss and / or damage will be charged to the Hirer.

13. Information Security

13.1    The Hirer shall be all times remain responsible for ensuring that any confidential or sensitive data is dealt with appropriately and is removed from the Premises after the Session has concluded.

14. General Liability

14.1    Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall limit or exclude RSPH’s liability for:  
14.1.1    If the Booking might, in RSPH’s reasonable opinion, prejudice the reputation of RSPH, cause death or personal injury through its negligence or the negligence of its employees, agents or subcontractors 
14.1.2    Fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation
14.2    To the fullest extent permitted by law RSPH shall not be liable for:
14.2.1    any loss to property of the Hirer or the Attendees for any reason, or 
14.2.2    any loss or inconvenience caused to any party as a result of cancellation or postponement of a Session for any reason whatsoever and accordingly the Hirer will be responsible for arranging its own insurance to cover any such potential loss
14.3    RSPH shall under no circumstances whatsoever be liable to the Hirer, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty or otherwise for any loss of profit or any indirect or consequential loss arising under or in connection with the Booking. RSPH’s total liability to the Hirer in respect of all other losses arising under or in connection with the Booking whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty or otherwise shall in no circumstances exceed the total of the charges due from the Hirer to RSPH for the Booking
14.4    Appropriate insurance cover should be obtained by the Hirer to indemnify RSPH against claims which may be made against the Hirer in respect of loss or damage which RSPH may suffer. Such insurance should also cover the risk of bodily injury or death to the Hirer, Attendees, its servants, contractors, agents or licensees and members of the group or any third parties. This excludes any such loss, damage, injury, or death as may be caused by the act, default or negligence of RSPH
14.5    RSPH will not be responsible for any loss due to mechanical breakdown, failure in electricity supply, flood, fire, government restriction, and industrial action, the need to undertake emergency repairs in RSPH premises or an act of God which may cause RSPH premises to be temporarily closed or the function interrupted.

15. The Hirer’s Obligations

15.1    The Hirer agrees to use the Premises in an orderly manner, and to take all possible steps to ensure that the persons invited onto the premises by the Hirer adhere to all the requirements, terms and conditions and other relevant rules of RSPH at all times, including (without limitation) 
15.1.1    Refraining from any behaviour which could bring the Hirer into disrepute or cause risk to others 
15.1.2    Using the equipment belonging to RSPH in a safe manner and returning it in good working order 
15.1.3    Complying with all reasonable requests and instructions made by RSPH and its staff 
15.1.4    Generally conducting themselves in a responsible manner with due consideration to other users of the Premises, the Hirer’s staff and the Hirer’s agents or guests.