The Health and Wellbeing Awards assessment criteria are strongly influenced by the following:

The core elements of the criteria are:

  • Building on national public health policy and evidence: to reduce inequalities and promote equity, including action on the social, cultural, economic and environmental determinants of health (including poverty)
  • Creating supportive environments: promotes healthy settings, where people are born, grow, work, live, and age
  • Strengthening and promoting community action: to empower individuals and communities to gain control over their lives and ensure long-term sustainability through health improvement projects/programmes
  • Implementing population targeted community engagement strategies: harnessing public input and opinions in health improvement projects/programmes and policy making, ensuring that the concerted efforts reflect the real priorities and needs of the community
  • Developing a broad understanding of health improvement: to help individuals make informed choices about their health across the life course

Furthermore, applications should include information that reflects the following quality elements for effective health improvement/promotion:

  • Leadership and innovation
  • Stakeholder engagement in design, planning and implementation
  • Impact measurement and effectiveness
  • Partnerships at local and city-wide levels as appropriate
  • Project/programme described is evidence-based or has contributed to the establishment of evidence on its effectiveness in promoting wellbeing and health
  • Sustainability, scalability and accountability