The Healthier Lifestyles Award is one of the categories of the Health & Wellbeing Awards.

This Award recognises the effectiveness of projects and programmes that improve the lifestyles of the most vulnerable population and supports people to make healthier lifestyle choices.

Award criteria

Entered projects and programmes should demonstrate:

  • Effective strategies to motivate and encourage healthy lifestyle changes through behaviour change approaches
  • Promotion of healthy lifestyles with children and young people, adults and the elderly at a community level, or within a setting such as the workplace, schools or care homes
  • Implementation of community/population approaches to health issues including physical activity, healthy eating and weight management, smoking cessation, mental health, sexual health, and alcohol and substance misuse
  • How they have addressed inequality, through approaches such as equality impact assessment (EqIA) and/or working with groups represented within the equality act as demonstrating one or more protected characteristics

Enter the Health & Wellbeing Awards 2017

The Health & Wellbeing Awards 2017 are now open. To enter, first you need to request your application pack which contains the application form and guidelines.

Entering will provide your team and organisation with the chance to gain formal recognition for their contribution to public health. The deadline for applications is Friday 28 April.

Category winners will have the opportunity to be selected for the prestigious Public Health Minister’s Award, while finalists will also be considered for two special commendations to be given by Public Health England (PHE).

2016 winner

Food Nation CIC

Project: Food Education through Cooking Skills

Food Nation is a social enterprise based in Newcastle. It focuses specifically on addressing a range of diet-related health inequalities for individuals and groups. Its programme includes content on practical cooking skills at a range of experience levels, food hygiene, food growing, understanding and using nutritional information, meal planning, shopping and more.

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