Making the most of becoming a finalist

The Health & Wellbeing Awards is the UK's premier awards scheme for promoting and celebrating health and wellbeing. We want to raise awareness of the amazing ways that public health programmes, charities and businesses have been supporting the health of their communities and staff.

We want to support you in promoting your success, so here are some actions to help you with

  1. Building up to the event
  2. The event
  3. Post event promotion and publicity


Marketing Checklist 


Before the event

  1. Promoting your shortlist achievement. For staff, for clients, for suppliers, for supporters
    1. social media
    2. email. 
    3. newsletters
    4. advertising
  2. Leveraging the power of the group
    1. Tuesday and Thursday Tweets - supporting each other.
      Every Tuesday and Thursday posts about the shortlisted organisations and projects will be going out from our Twitter account. Follow us to look out for yours and support each other by sharing them. Here are links to our Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram accounts. 
    2. Common hashtags - Use #RSPHAwards to promote your posts and let us know your preferred hashtags for our posts!


In person

  1. Are you attending? (you have two free tickets)
    Fill out the form on the right to claim your free places 
  2. Do you need to buy any more tickets (discounted for being on the shortlist) - Buy more tickets here


Your virtual event

  1. Your dedicated event webpage. We will send you a link to your own page
    1.  Your information
    2. The event livestream
    3. A chat box
    4. Anything else to be added? Let us know!
  2. Do you want to promote the virtual event for your team, organisation, clients/suppliers/supporters/local community?
  3. How will you do that email/newsletters/advertising?
  4. On the night - a shared experience - using the live chat for your group - Or you might consider sending a gift bag/cupcakes for your attendees?
  5. Social media - Hashtags. Use #rsphawards and your hashtag. Let us know what # you are using and we will promote it.



Post event promotion

  1. Prepare a press release in advance
  2. Promoting your result 
    1. social media
    2. email 
    3. newsletters
    4. advertising
  3. Can you use your result in bids for grants or fundraising?


If you have any questions about the Awards then please contact us at [email protected]