Health & Wellbeing Awards: Technology & Health Innovation

The Technology & Health Innovation Award was one of the categories of the Health & Wellbeing Awards.

It was intended to showcase the use of technology to improve public health services including (but not limited to) pathway redesign, training and professional development, public health campaigns, a new device or incorporation of a new technology into a service i.e. apps, health and social media.

It has been discontinued because more and more entries across all categories have been including technology as an integral part of their delivery.

The Health & Wellbeing Awards 2018 is now closed for entries.

Award criteria

Entered projects and programmes were expected to demonstrate:

  • Innovations which relate to improvements in primary and community care
  • The appropriate use of technology – apps and interactive websites to improve health
  • Innovations that integrate health care and health improvement
  • Activities that contribute to the research and generation of technological knowledge for health improvement

Previous winners

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