Health & Wellbeing Awards: Workplace Health

The Workplace Health & Wellbeing Award is one of the categories of the Health & Wellbeing Awards.

This Award is an opportunity for employers to show their commitment to the health and wellbeing of their workforce.

Shortlist 2018 

B. Braun Medical Ltd - B. Healthy B. Braun

B. Healthy B. Braun aims to tackle health and wellbeing issues in the workplace at the B. Braun headquarters in Sheffield. Running for more than a decade, the programme includes initiatives which increase understanding of lifestyle behaviours and create a culture and working conditions which maximise individual health and wellbeing.

Nomura International plc - The Nomura Health Blueprint

The Health Blueprint is a measure of Nomura’s top ten health risks, with risk capture and reactive and proactive spend. Using data from six internal and external reports, including clinical, perceived and financial measurements. The aim is to improve employee health and wellbeing each year.

Rolls-Royce plc - LiveWell

Rolls-Royce recognises that a healthy, resilient workforce is engaged, productive and high performing. ‘LiveWell’ is its healthy workplace award and its long-term plan to improve employee wellbeing, across its global operations, by creating work environments which support wellbeing, removing barriers to healthy behaviour, and motivating employees to lead a healthy lifestyle.


Medigold Health

Supporter 2018

This year the Workplace Health & Wellbeing Award is supported by Medigold Health.

Category winners have the opportunity to be selected for the prestigious Public Health Minister’s Award, while all finalists are considered for two special commendations given by Public Health England (PHE).

The winners are announced at the annual RSPH Awards ceremony.​

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