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What is the MECC for mental health project?

RSPH and Health Education England (HEE) North have launched a project across the North of England, to up-skill healthcare professionals to become mental health promotion Lead Trainers and Trainers for a Making Every Contact Count (MECC) for Mental Health training programme.

Embedding the MECC approach and promoting mental health are current national strategic priorities for the health system, and the effects of COVID-19 on population health have made this even more urgent. This work is well placed to support organisations interested in tackling this challenge through evidence-based mental health training that develops knowledge, skills and confidence to integrate relevant messages and interventions into routine practice.

How can I get involved?

We're looking to hear from people who want to nominate individuals to become mental health promotion Lead Trainers and Trainers for our Making Every Contact Count (MECC) for Mental Health training programme. If you, or anyone you know works in primary or community care across the North of England, then we would love to hear from you and let you know more about the project.

To nominate a Lead Trainer or Trainers, you must provide an email or letter of support to the individual and ask them to complete the following form:

For Lead Trainers

For Trainers

If you would like to find out more about the project, you can contact the Project Manager, Nelly Araujo by emailing [email protected]

Benefits to organisations

Organisations who sign up to the MECC for mental health training can demonstrate leadership in mental health promotion as an integral part of their person-centred care approach and in support of COVID-19 recovery plans. Organisations hosting Lead Trainers and Trainers will build their internal capacity for mental health promotion in a systematic and sustainable way.

Furthermore, to recognise and facilitate their support, we will provide organisations with a training grant (£1000 for Lead Trainers and £200 for Trainers) towards covering the time their nominees will spend supporting the project.

Benefits to individuals

Lead Trainers and Trainers will receive a comprehensive professional development package through:

  • RSPH Membership: two years of RSPH membership at Associate grade for Trainers, and Member grade for Lead Trainers
  • Ongoing subject-related learning opportunities including webinars and refresher sessions
  • Accredited training and access to training wide range of support materials
  • Access to a trainer hub that will support interaction and peer-learning of the regional network of MECC for mental health trainers.

This is how the take-up of the project is currently standing at Integrated Care System area

STP/ICS Lead Trainers Trainers  Pipeline  Places
Cheshire and Merseyside  2  2 (12 places left)      0        Cheshire
Greater Manchester  2  15 (waiting list)    N/A In each CCG
Lancashire and South Cumbria  2  8 (6 places left)     3 Morecambe Bay
North Cumbria and the North East  2  11 (3 places left)   Teeside, Gateshead
Humber, Coast and Value 2  13 (1 place left)       3 North Yorkshire and Humber
South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw 0 (2 places left)  3 (11 places left)      3  
West Yorkshire and Harrowgate 2 9 (5 places left)   Armley, Wakefield 

How do I become a Lead Trainer or Trainer?

Lead Trainers and Trainers must have relevant skills and competencies, and be able to deliver the training as part of their current role. 

Lead trainers must be able to commit to an equivalent of 8.5 days of their time, and Trainers must be able to commit 4 days of their time and to train a minimum number of individuals between May and December 2021. 

Lead Trainers must be based at a Northern Integrated Care System, preferable within primary or community care settings. Third Sector providers with links to primary and community care settings are also welcome. 

Key to the delivery of high-quality MECC for mental health training is the commitment and support from the employing organisation who would also champion this initiative. Trainers will only be selected if there is explicit support from the senior and/or clinical management where the programme can clearly contribute to strategic priorities.

Case studies

Our MECC for mental health journey

For our first Make Every Contact Count (MECC) for mental health blog, Karan Thomas and Dawn Mitchell, the lead trainer developers for the MECC for Mental Health programme, explain how they've supported the work of RSPH's pilot programme.