Benefits for schools, colleges and universities

1.    Supporting the health and wellbeing of learners

The Level 2 Award for Young Health Champions (YHC) provides young people with increased knowledge of the factors affecting their health and wellbeing, from social media addiction to substance misuse.

It also provides them with a better idea of the services available in their local community to improve their health and wellbeing, from gyms to libraries, support groups to green spaces.

2.    Developing healthy learning environments

The YHC Award gives young people the skills, confidence and opportunity to mentor their peers around health and wellbeing issues.

It also provides learners with a platform to deliver health promotion campaigns in their schools and colleges, spreading their knowledge and skills to others.

3.    Preparing learners to progress

The YHC Award provides young people with the knowledge around the career pathways in health and care, as well as the skills and values they need to show to be attractive to employers.

The YHC Award provides young people with an opportunity to apply their learning to a health promotion campaign, demonstrating skills and experience to add to their CV.

Benefits for commissioners

1.    Building future workforces

The YHC Award provides learners with the knowledge and skills to be successful and productive in the workplace, developing the behaviours and values they require for future employment.

The YHC Award provides a platform for the young people to be shaped and informed by key workforce development initiatives, such as the 6Cs of Care and the NHS Care Certificate.

2.    Supporting health and wellbeing at work

The YHC Award provides learners with the skills and techniques to develop resilience and improve their mental health, thereby preparing them for the challenges posed in the workplace.

The YHC Award provides young people with mentoring and leadership skills which they will carry through into their future careers, allowing them to support health and wellbeing in the workplace.

3.    Connecting with communities

The YHC Award takes advantage of the ability young people have to relate to their peers, in order to engage individuals who may otherwise be difficult to reach.

The YHC Award provides a mechanism for young people to provide an authentic voice on the health and wellbeing issues impacting upon them and their peers and to suggest solutions to address them.