The Level 2 Award for Young Health Champions (YHC) is underpinned by four the key themes.

1. Health

Supporting young people to become more aware of their wellbeing, helping them to develop healthy behaviours and resilience and empowering them to raise awareness of local health issues.

2. Mentoring

Helping young people to develop their communication and leadership skills and giving them the opportunity to mentor their peers in a range of settings.

3. Careers

Giving young people an opportunity to develop and demonstrate into the values, skills and experiences that employers are looking for in the health and care sectors.

4. Curriculum

Providing young people with the opportunity to apply their learning from school or college to real-life situations, helping them to understand the link between education and employment.

Young Health Champions

The Young Health Champions Award is a Level 2 qualification for young people between the ages of 14-24

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