Young Health Movement logo

The Young Health Movement (YHM) is a peer driven approach to raising public health awareness among young people run by RSPH.

YHM works with a wide variety of young people’s services, including local authorities, schools and colleges, youth centres and organisations, charities and community groups.

It has developed a national network of young people’s health and wellbeing services, resources and points of information.

Empowering young people

The ethos of the young health movement is about empowering young people to be creative in the promotion of healthy behaviours and an integral part of this movement is our accredited qualification, the Level 2 Certificate for Young Health Champions.

There are young health champions active across the country already and there are some inspirational examples of work and campaigns being carried out, which in part form the basis of the movement.

Us Girls youth mentoring

The video below features the vital work of Us Girls aimed at improving youth public health through youth mentoring.