RSPH interviews: Food Safety Culture

Professor Chris Griffith

Chris Griffiths talks to RSPH Trustee, Professor Carol Wallace, about the morality of a food safety culture, and advises organisations on how they can develop and maintain a food safety system that benefits them and their consumers.

Dr Lisa Ackerley

Lisa Ackerly shares her views with RSPH Trustee Professor Carol Wallace, on how consumers contribute to food safety culture, and offers advice on what to look out for when travelling abroad.

Lone Jespersen

This is the first in a series of videos discussing variations in food safety culture with some of the industry's leading experts. Dr Carol Wallace interviews is with Lone Jespersen, head of Food Safety Strategy at Maple Leaf Foods.

Food safety tips

Avoiding campylobacter in cooking

In the UK in recent years there has been a big increase in reported human outbreaks of campylobacter. Most incidents have been associated with chicken liver pâté or parfait prepared in catering settings.

The HPA reported in 2011 over 90% of outbreaks of campylobacter food poisoning at catering venues were linked to chicken liver pâté consumption. In response, the below video shows Dr Lisa Ackerley, and RSPH Chef Jamal demonstrating how to safely cook chicken liver pâté.

Food safety tips for the professional kitchen

Dr Lisa Ackerley talks to celebrity chef Shaun Rankin about food safety tips for the professional and domestic kitchen and the importance of training.