Wider Public Health Workforce Education Pathways

RSPH launches Education Pathways for the wider Public Health workforce.

It takes an army of people to get public health right…

The public health workforce is vast. Taking the Faculty of Public Health’s definition of public health – “the science and art of promoting and protecting health by the organised efforts of society” – as a starting point, it soon becomes clear just how vast!

Priorities for Supporting the Wider Public Health Workforce

The wider public health workforce plays a vital role in supporting and delivering public health across a huge range of settings.

RSPH celebrates the second Public Health Workforce Week (2-6 October, 2023)

RSPH celebrates Public Health Workforce Week as new polling shows that 82% of the public think that the public health workforce is crucial to safeguarding the nation’s health.

RSPH announces 2023 Honorary Fellowships and Special Awards

Royal Society for Public Health Annual General Meeting 2023 21 September 2023

RSPH Accredits regional Making Every Contact Count training programme

The RSPH now accredits the North East and North Cumbria ICS Making Every Contact Count (MECC) training programme.

RSPH co-sign letter to the health workforce on support for having conversations with patients and families about school attendance.

The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have stretched well beyond the health sector. In particular, there has been a rise in school absences, with a large proportion attributable to illness.

175th anniversary of the 1848 Public Health Act

Today is the 175th anniversary of the 1848 Public Health Act. This piece of legislation is a milestone in the history of public health,

RSPH Member Spotlight Samantha Henry

My vision is to pursue a career in public health to assist in improving my country's healthcare system. 

Guest Blog: Michael Chang

Programme Manager for Spatial Planning and Health at the UK Office for Health Improvement and Disparities and PhD student at the University of Bristol