What is it?
  • This Level 3 Diploma is designed for Assistant Anatomical Pathology Technologists.
  • The qualification consists of five knowledge units and five competency units and meets the requirements of the Modernising Scientific Careers (MSC) and Practitioner Training Programmes.
  • The competency units are undertaken in the workplace, so the qualification is only suitable for those employed as trainee Anatomical Pathology Technologists.
  • The qualification recognises the unique role performed by Anatomical Pathology Technologists as part of the Life Science workforce, specifically their place of work being a mortuary rather than a laboratory and their need to interact with bereaved members of the public.
Who is it for?

This qualification is the first step in a career pathway for Anatomical Pathology Technologists.

Successful learners can progress to the Level 4 Diploma in Healthcare Science (Anatomical Pathology Technology) followed by a Foundation Degree in Anatomical Pathology and a BSc in Healthcare Science (Anatomical Pathology).

Find out more about Anatomical Pathology Technology on the AAPTUK website.

How do I apply?

For learners: see below for your nearest centre. Centres are listed alphabetically - to find the centre nearest to you, please use the location finder.

For current centres: if you are interested in delivering this qualification, please visit the Centre Area and register your interest. 

How do I become an RSPH-approved centre?
If you’re planning to deliver one of our qualifications, you will need to become a RSPH registered centre.

To become an approved centre and to gain qualification approval, please visit our Become a centre page.

Centres offering this qualification

2 centres offering this qualification

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Stirling Road, Larbert, FK5 4WR
Tel: 01324 566644, Email: fv-uhb.PathologyL3Diploma@nhs.net, Website: http://www.nhsforthvalley.com/forthvalleyroyal

Mortuary & Bereavement Services, Hardwick, Stockton -on -Tees, TS19 8PE
Tel: 01642 624347 , Email: Darren.Makin@nth.nhs.uk, Website: http://www.trainingapt.com

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