See below for the schedule of fees from 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2019. Please note that RSPH does not add VAT to any of these fees.

Centre registration fees 2019

Centre approval fee  £450.00  
Annual centre fee £100.00
Registration for additional qualification (for centres already approved)
maximum two qualifications per application
Re-approval fee for centres returning to RSPH  £250.00


Centre annual fee 2019

Annual fee for all registered centres       £100


Candidate registration fees 2019 – Anatomical Pathology Technology qualifications

Qualification Candidate fee External verification fee*
Level 3 Diploma in Anatomical Pathology Technology £410.00 £75.00
Level 3 Diploma in Anatomical Pathology Technology Top Up  £260.00 £75.00
Level 4 Diploma in Anatomical Pathology Technology  £410.00 £75.00


Additional fees 2019

Express delivery - on demand examinations £15.00


Enquiries and appeal fees 2019

Clerical check  £22.00
Reassessment £45.00 per unit
Reassessment with candidate report  £75.00 per unit
Appeal  £200.00

In the event that an enquiry causes the result of a candidate to be amended the fee charged for that candidate’s enquiry will be refunded.

Replacement certificates 2019

Please refer to guidelines for further information £50.00


*External Verification fees are charged for qualifications that are externally verified by RSPH. The fee is applied each time that centre-assessed candidate work is submitted for verification, irrespective of the number of candidates registered and in addition to the individual candidate fee. This enables RSPH to keep the cost of externally verified qualifications as low as possible.  Centres should therefore ensure that all of the candidate work for a cohort is available for external verification at the same time to prevent multiple submissions of centre assessed work. This fee is not charged to centres that have direct claims status.

**An additional fee may be charged if an EV visit is required.

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