Working in public health means working to improve everyone’s health, to prevent ill-health, and to make a real difference to people’s lives. You can do this in many different ways.

At local levels

  • With individuals and families
  • With and for local communities
  • With organisations that deliver services to individuals, families and communities (e.g. local authorities, health services, charities and independent organisations)
  • In teaching and research

At regional or national levels

  • With organisations that plan services and develop policy (e.g. government departments, head offices for health services, social care organisations, charitable organisations, large companies)

At international levels

  • With other countries and organisations to control the global spread of diseases (such as pandemic influenza, ebola) or in responding to natural disasters with a major impact on public health.
  • With organisations whose main focus is improving health outcomes in low- or middle-income settings (e.g. charitable organisations, UN organisations).