Key documents and contributions to the field

  • AESOP 1 Framework for developing and researching arts in health programmes - A new framework detailing the various steps in a developing an arts intervention in health and associated research study, and invites you to score your intended project.
  • Withymoor: A Health Hive. A Review of Creative Arts in Primary Heath Care -  This report by Professor Keith Tones and Professor Jackie Green documents the  approach used within Dr Malcolm Rigler’s Withymoor Village Surgery during the 1980 and 1990s. The Surgery used creative arts to facilitate communication between doctors, patients, staff and the community and promote health and wellbeing. Withymoor health hive
  • Arts Health and Wellbeing (2001) - Nuffield Trust embarked on a programme to promote the importance of the humanities in medicine and emphasise the place of the arts in health and wellbeing. This report summarises two conferences on this topic.
  • Humanities and Medicine: beyond the millennium (1999) - This book is a summary of the papers, proceedings and outcome of a Nuffield Trust conference focusing on activities, perceptions, beliefs and models of effective practice in medical undergraduate education in the UK and USA. It also explores the place of the arts in therapy.