With thousands more mental health workers set to be recruited by the NHS, the imbalance between mental and physical health services is being recognised by the government. This is particularly pertinent to the human resources consultancy firm Mercer, which says that the mental wellbeing of millions of employees is under threat due to increasingly busy and pressurised lifestyles.


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Bourne Leisure

Bourne Leisure share its methods for prevention and control of Norovirus outbreaks

Brunel University

The Institute of Environment, Health and Societies at Brunel University London is researching how common diseases are down to our environments and the way we lead our lives

Hampshire Fire and Rescue

Two films explore how Hampshire Fire and Rescue use their unique role in the community to help public health intiatives, including their work on healthy living as well as health and safety for both the young and the old

Manchester Metropolitan University

Manchester Metropolitan University’s Faculty of Health, Psychology and Social Care is at forefront of evaluating the impact of health and social care devolution

Medway Council

Medway Council’s ‘A Better Medway’ programme offers integrated well-being services aimed at improving all facets of health


This film looks at the role of vaccines in the fight against antimicrobial resistance

Project Search

A new scheme from Public Health England, Project Search, helps people find their first job


Rolls-Royce outlines why it has prioritised the wellbeing of its workforce as it seeks to be recoginsed for its excellence in health, safety and environmental performance

West Midlands Fire Service

West Midlands Fire Service’s ‘Back Home Safe and Well' intiative helps vulnerable patients discharged from hospital get home