Our strategic priorities

RSPH exists to improve and protect the public’s health and our activities sit broadly within six strategic priorities.

These priorities define and determine our areas of focus so that we can maximise our impact and the delivery of our mission: to enable everyone to have the opportunity to improve and protect their health and wellbeing.

Creating healthier environments

Where we live, work and play has a huge influence on our wellbeing, and RSPH is committed to reshaping different environments and settings to do as much as they can to support the public’s health

Health at every age

Our vision is to optimise health and wellbeing for all. This covers every age and stage, from giving every child the best start in life, through to providing critical support at key milestones such as the teenage years, ultimately enabling people to live well in later life

Improving the public's health

Our work to improve the public’s health recognises the complex nature of changing behaviour – a challenge which is all the more difficult as those behaviours are often driven by social determinants of health rather than purely by personal choice

Protecting the public’s health

While there have been great advances in the area of health protection, the prevention and control of infectious diseases and other environmental threats to the population has provided the opportunity to optimise their health and wellbeing

Wider Public Health Workforce

With over 15 million workers including firemen, hairdressers and postal workers, the wider workforce can support the public’s health in a variety of ways

Working internationally

We work on an international platform, connecting thousands of members from around the world and delivering policy and projects which stimulate global debate