Complaints must be made in writing and should be sent to:

The Compliance and Quality Assurance Manager
Royal Society for Public Health
John Snow House
59 Mansell Street
E1 8AN

Alternatively please email us your complaint.

We will acknowledge receipt within five working days. Complaints must bear the name and contact details of the person making the complaint. All complaints will be logged.

The complaint will be reviewed to decide whether it is about RSPH Qualifications, an approved RSPH Qualifications centre, another part of RSPH, or whether it should have been directed to some other organisation.

Complaints about RSPH Qualifications will be handled using our complaints procedures. In the case of a complaint about an approved RSPH Qualifications centre, the centre will be provided with a copy of the complaint. If you are a Learner wanting to make a complaint about any aspect of your course you will need to raise this with your course provider. 

They will investigate your complaint under their own procedure and resolve the issue for you. Complaints about other parts of RSPH will be passed to the relevant Director and the complainant will be notified that this has been done. The complainant will be advised in the case of complaints that should have been directed to some other organisation.

Complaints about RSPH Qualifications will be investigated impartially and, if appropriate, corrective action undertaken. We aim to resolve complaints, after completion of a full and thorough investigation of the issues, within 25 working days. Where this is not possible we will advise the complainant and provide an anticipated timescale for resolution.

All communications and documentation regarding the complaint will be logged and recorded. In its communications with complainants and other parties.

RSPH Qualifications will have regard to its obligations not to reveal information subject to data, legal or commercial protection without the information owner’s permission. It is therefore possible, in the interests of confidentiality, that full details of how a complaint was resolved may not be made available.