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  • 14 January 2019

Blog: A decade of Perspectives in Public Health

Dr Rosalind Stanwell Smith, Honorary Editor of Perspectives in Public Health, reflects on the first 10 years of the journal

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  • 05 December 2018

Guest blog: How the Reducing Parental Conflict Programme aims to improve children's lives

Patrick Myers, Senior Ambassador of the Reducing Parental Conflict Programme at the Department for Work and Pensions, explains how the programme aims to improve children’s lives, as well as outcomes across the life course

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  • 16 November 2018

Guest blog: Live music in care

Evan Dawson, Executive Director of the national charity Live Music Now, discusses the report 'Live Music in Care', which has broken new ground in studying the impact of participative music programmes on whole care environments

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  • 13 November 2018

Blog: Public Health cuts and the wider workforce

Kiran Kenth, Director of National and Regional Programmes at RSPH, describes some of the recent developments that organisations from the wider workforce are undertaking around public health

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  • 12 November 2018

Guest blog: Making each day a happy one

Beth Bretherton, a Young Health Champion based in Wigan, explains how the RSPH Level 2 Award for Young Health Champions has helped her overcome her illness and support other young people

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  • 26 October 2018

Guest blog: My Scroll free September

Rachel Bunting, 28 year old yoga loving, travel fanatic and (former) social media addict, shares her experience of Scroll Free September

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  • 11 October 2018

Guest blog: Is childhood across Britain in crisis?

Sir Albert Aynsley-Green, the former first children’s commissioner for England now Visiting Professor of Advocacy for Children and Childhood at Nottingham Trent University and Professor Emeritus of Child Health at University College London, discusses the need for public health to be at the forefront of efforts to support children and young people to thrive

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  • 26 September 2018

Guest blog: What does the term 'Scroll Free September' mean?

Dr. Anna Weighall, cognitive developmental psychologist, explains the importance of sleep and describes how the use of tech can impact upon it

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  • 26 September 2018

Guest blog: Scroll Free September and the 'right to disconnect'

Joanne O'Connel, Founder of Employment Solicitor magazine, explains why she is in favour of Scroll Free September's Busy Bee initiative

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  • 21 September 2018

Guest blog: The new rat race - Instagram and the endless pursuit for perfection

Fatima Sul, Student and writer from the National Capital Region in Canada, discusses the pressures associated with 'living your best life' out on social media