Membership and Events

The Royal Society for Public Health offers a range of Membership options, depending on your professional level and your commitment (see below).

We also organise a variety of Events throughout the year - click here to view our EVENTS: Calendar. These include bookable Conferences, Lecture Courses and Diploma Programmes (including our prestigious bi-annual Diploma in Occupational Medicine lectres) and our popular series of online Webinars (see our EVENTS: Webinars page for further details). In addition, we are the proud organisers of several public health Awards and Ceremonies - including the RSPH Health & Wellbeing Awards and the RSPH Awards. Finally, our publishing division is responsible for two widely respected peer-reviewed journals, Perspectives in Public Health and Public Health - which aim to keep public health professionals abreast of all the latest exciting developments, debates and new approaches happening across the sector and beyond.


RSPH Membership

Membership of the Royal Society for Public Health is open to anyone working in public health or the wider health sector, those studying for a public health related degree (or equivalent), or individuals with a lifelong interest in improving the public’s health and in supporting public health initiatives in the United Kingdom and around the world. As a globally recognised mark, RSPH Membership not only demonstrates both your commitment and engagement with the sector, it also delivers tangible benefits.
You can join as an individual - see our Grades of Membership - or as part of an organisation (through our Corporate Membership Scheme). As befits a Royal Society, there are expectations and standards all RSPH Members must uphold at all times - please ensure you have read our Code of Conduct before applying.


RSPH membership is open to anyone working in public health and is a widely recognised mark of commitment

Grades of Membership

We offer four main grades of membership designed to suit individuals at all levels of their career

Corporate Members

Many RSPH long-term partners have recognised the value of membership and joined RSPH as Corporate Members

Special Interest Groups

As part of the many benefits of RSPH membership, we have set up special interest groups to cater for specific areas of interest within public health

University Partnerships

RSPH is committed to developing long-term, sustainable partnerships with likeminded organisations

Code of Conduct

Please read our Code of Conduct for members before signing the application form

RSPH Member Login

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Our Events

RSPH organises an impressive variety of EVENTS across the public health sector – these include Day Conferences, Occupational Courses and Diploma Programmes and Webinars (please see our full EVENTS: Calendar). Many are open to both professionals and the general public, some are exclusive to RSPH Members. If you host a public health related event, you can Submit it to our Events Calendar

Events Calendar

Our Lecture Courses, Conferences, Seminars, Webinars and Training Programmes drive insight and promote discussion across a broad range vital public health issues.

Lecture Courses

Browse our schedule of Lecture Courses - including our prestigious bi-annual Diploma in Occupational Medicine (starting in the Spring and Autumn).


View our calendar of upcoming Webinars.

External Events

Check out our month-by-month listings of all the Public Health sector events you might find interesting, run by organisations other than RSPH.


We are the proud organisers of several public health Awards and Ceremonies – including the RSPH Health & Wellbeing Awards and the RSPH Awards.  Through our annual award programmes, we celebrate and promote the contribution and positive impact organisations are having on the public’s health. Our aim is to inspire others to explore new ways of delivering and supporting public health by recognising best practice and innovative strategies and initiatives.

RSPH Awards

Our annual awards ceremony celebrates achievement and best practice in public health

Health & Wellbeing Awards

The Health & Wellbeing Awards recognise achievement in health promotion and community wellbeing initiatives

Hygeia Awards

The Hygeia Awards recognise the achievements of learners and centres over the past year

Our Journals

We publish two widely respected peer-reviewed journals on public health, Perspectives in Public Health and Public Health.

Public Health

Public Health is our multi-disciplinary monthly peer-reviewed journal and one of the world’s oldest on the subject