What is eAssessment?

eAssessment is a new, optional form of learner assessment that we are offering to RSPH centres. It provides the opportunity to assess candidates online, using the Surpass testing platform, an experienced and trusted eAssessment provider. All eAssessments are carried out remotely, including their invigilation, which guarantees the security and integrity of all your learner’s eAssessments.

Just to clarify - this is not a mandatory replacement for the paper-based assessments we offer. You can continue to offer assessment through examination papers at an examination centre. However, eAssessment is an option that you can use as and when required and one we feel has many benefits.

Who are we partnering with to deliver our eAssessments?

We have partnered with Surpass, a trusted eAssessment provider, who have delivered millions of online examinations over the years. All communications to learners, reminders about eAssessment dates and exam paper submissions are handled through the Surpass system.

As well as handling learner’s communications and results, their system also has rigorous remote invigilation in place to ensure the standard of all qualifications that are awarded as the result of someone sitting an eAssessment.

What are the benefits of eAssessment?

Having the option of being able to offer eAssessments has plenty of benefits for you and your learners.

It supports a blended learning approach – Many of our centres have recently told us that they’re moving towards delivering some or all elements of training through online platforms. The introduction of an eAssessment platform means that, should you wish to do so, this final part of the learner journey can also be carried out online.

It can make an assessment more accessible for candidates – Candidates can be assessed from almost anywhere when they use an eAssessment platform, including their office or home. Candidates would not have to be physically present in a certain location to sit their assessment, potentially saving them time and money.

It can increase the number of learners you can reach – If you’re already using a blended learning approach and delivering training online, you’re probably aware of how beneficial it is to be able to reach learners easily from anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection. With eAssessment, you can also offer learners end-to-end remote delivery, from training to assessment.

Learners can sit an examination in a Covid-19 safe way – The Covid-19 pandemic has introduced many challenges to training and assessment. eAssessment provides a safe way of assessing your learners, if face-to-face delivery and assessment are not possible or what your learners feel is right for them.

It’s more environmentally friendly – Online assessments don’t need any exam papers to be printed out.

How will it work?

Our new eAssessment platform will be fully integrated with Quartz and the Centre Area, which allows you to continue using this system to make bookings for assessments.

You can book an eAssessment by following these simple steps:

  1. Log into the centre area 
  2. Specify a timeslot that suits your candidate(s)
  3. They receive an email with a link to their eAssessment (which will go live at the time that you specified when booking)

When it’s time for the learner to take their eAssessment, they simply click the link in their email and follow these steps:

  1. Complete a number of checks on their webcam and microphone and confirm their identity by showing a valid photo ID
  2. The eAssessment will start. The learner will be recorded by their webcam as they complete the eAssessment, with the footage either being viewed live by an invigilator or recorded for later review by expert invigilators to ensure the integrity and security of the eAssessment
  3. As soon as Surpass confirms to RSPH that there are no issues revealed by the remote invigilation (normally within 72 hours), RSPH will be able to process the tests and provide the results to centres through our Centre Area in the normal way.

Which qualifications will eAssessment be available for?

We are initially offering eAssessment for qualifications that are assessed by MCQ. The first two qualifications that we will be offering eAssessment for are:

As this is a new offering for RSPH qualifications, we are planning to pilot eAssessments with a small number of centres. We will then make these eAssessments available to all our centres.

We’re excited about the potential that offering eAssessment to our centres could have and will be continuously working on launching new qualifications on the eAssessment platform regularly. We’ll be prioritizing eAssessments for qualifications that are the most in-demand, so please do get in touch if there’s a qualification that you’d like us to consider fast-tracking our eAssessment offering for.

How much does an eAssessment cost?

The cost of eAssessment for the Level 2 Award in Understanding Health Improvement and the Level 2 Award in Food Safety and Hygiene is £16.50 per candidate.

Just to note, that this will be an additional cost to the registration fee and any other associated costs for the qualification being taken.

How do I find out more?

If you would like to express an interest in using our eAssessment platform, please contact us and we will get in touch with further information.